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Home » 2012 » July » 20 » 5 simplest and most useful inventions or items(+5 photos)
1:34 PM
5 simplest and most useful inventions or items(+5 photos)

Now we are surrounded by thousands of different devices and appliances that come to us from the aerospace industry and military in general. Pans with Teflon coating, robotic devices and computers - all of this was once part of the development of the military. But there are inventions that are not related to the military complex.The simplest inventions - most ingenious.It is even difficult to call them as invention, as though they have always existed. In this review I propose to examine five very simple inventions that are familiar to us all.

1. Rubber bands

These rubber bands are now used in almost every office (and not only in the office). It seems as a simple thing. But it is not like that, it has an official by inventor - Steven Perry, who created the rubber band in 1845 being the founder of Messers Perry & Co, England. He created his invention out of vulcanized rubber. To this day, almost all of us use these rubber badns for our needs.

2. Paper clip

Yes, the paper clip also has its own author, and the clip appeared as a result from an opinion of a Norway clerk named John Vaaler. Maybe he was not the first who invented the paper clip (but there is nothing definite to say impossible) but he was the first who patented the paper clip - first in Germany, then in the U.S.. These paper clip of the late 19th century differed little from the present paper clip. The current clip - "son or daughter of" the old paper clip, appeared after the improvements, added by William Middlbrukom and Vaterburi, USA, in 1899.

3. Tube for cocktails

Oh, and here we see the an author's invention - he was Marvin Stone in 1888. At first he used a piece of paper wrapped around the pen, and fused. He then replaced the paper on paper impregnated with paraffin. Well, after several unsuccessful attempts he made almost a modern tube only, clear not plastic, and the same paraffin paper.

4. Ropes

Ancestor of the rope are the ancient Egyptians, and for the first time the rope appeared in 3500 BC (approx.). Then ropes were created from wool of animals, silk fibers (after which silk became famous ) and other materials. When people learned how to weave individual fibers, ropes appeared.

5. Bags for shopping 

Shopping at its modern form was invented by Mr. Walter H.Debnerom, who owned a small vegetable shop in the town of Minnesota. So, he once observed that people who come to the store without a bag, take far less product than those who came with bags. Why? Because they cant carry a lot just in their bare hands. So, he sew some bags, and began selling them at very cheap price to buyers. Profit immediately went up. This invention patented by Debner, now is one of the most necessary item in the world.
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