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Here it is an excellent example of advertisement, how it should be done correctly. Guys that produce cases for iPhones, iPad etc., flew up to a height of 30km and dropped down an iPhone in its protective case g-form Xtreme, which costs $ 40. ... Read more »
Views: 492 | Added by: mk2306 | Date: 2013-01-12 | Comments (0)

In the Belgian city of Ghent annually a festival of light is being heled. The city is decorated by thousands of LED and other lights, and then at night from all those lights they organize a bright show on all streets. It is also interesting to compare it with the Japanese light show. In continuation a video from the festival of light in Belgium: ... Read more »

Views: 1275 | Added by: mk2306 | Date: 2012-11-30 | Comments (1)

On YouTube there is a channel of an illusionist with a nickname Brusspup, who today presented an interesting anamorphic project: the picture that you can see above, is not what you think it is. The trick in this is that the pictures of the objects are distorted, but they are taken in a specific angle that makes them look quite real. The following explanation can be found in the video. It really blew my mind, especially with Rubik's Cube, it looked so real. ... Read more »

Views: 5227 | Added by: mk2306 | Date: 2012-11-30 | Comments (1)

Matches burn bright and fast. I.T. specialist and photographer Stanistal Aristov saw burning and Dying matches as unusual art of form. This decaying view, burning sculptures, charred pictures - call it what you want. The result is simply stunning. But Stanislav doesnt even smoke! ... Read more »

Views: 1177 | Added by: mk2306 | Date: 2012-11-28 | Comments (70)

Origami - one of the most fascinating kind of art. Making paper figures of people, animals, fantasy creatures, plants – it is possible to make almost anything using your hands, you just have to be creative and talented. In addition to hands, you also need knowledge, to know in what order and which side to bend to get the desired figure. Tadashi Mori – well know as an expert on origami, and with his help we can now create a fabulous dragon. ... Read more »

Views: 3136 | Added by: mk2306 | Date: 2012-11-28 | Comments (0)

So here is the situation, you’re the cop, driving in the stream of cars quietly and peacefully. Then in a sudden moment a biker with high speed passes you and begins to run. This usually ends with the biker fleeing away from the cops thanks to the power and speed of his bike, but in this situation, this guy came across with the wrong cops. The polices car allowed them to join the race, because I don’t think that the would have caught him with an ordinary police vehicle. ... Read more »

Views: 486 | Added by: mk2306 | Date: 2012-11-19 | Comments (1)

An Australian BASE jumper Felix Baumgartner made a jump from a capsule, which was in the stratosphere at an altitude of 39 kilometers! This jump immediately became an Internet sensation - the online broadcast on YouTube was being watched by more than 8 million users. Felix broke the world record height of free fall. Did he overcome the speed of sound? It remains to be seen. Details, photos and videos in the continuation. ... Read more »

Views: 1972 | Added by: mk2306 | Date: 2012-10-27 | Comments (0)

If you would like to find out what sees a hero before him from the game Assasins Creed, then today you will have this chance. One guy named Phil Doyle securing the camera literally on his forehead, ran on top of the roofs of the famous Cambridge. ... Read more »

Views: 480 | Added by: mk2306 | Date: 2012-10-27 | Comments (0)

Typography is very important for graphic design. Nonstandard approach can be seen in advertising, logo design, various prints and web design. This collection contains 15 examples of typography that inspire all fans of this genre. ... Read more »

Views: 594 | Added by: mk2306 | Date: 2012-10-27 | Comments (0)

Perhaps the word "like" is not quite correct, but now many web videos show animals that try to control objects on the display of the electronic device. For example, frogs and lizards catch flies and ants. Besides them there are other animals who want to do something with these confusing moving particles, which look so attractive. Perhaps some of these animals are really playing. In this can suspect the cat and the dog that are shown below. ... Read more »

Views: 492 | Added by: mk2306 | Date: 2012-10-27 | Comments (0)

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