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Home » 2013 » February » 13 » Most pleasant sounds for human
11:29 PM
Most pleasant sounds for human

We all know this saying, about how "A person can never get tired of looking at three things: - As a fire burns. - As the water flows.- And how another person works" Sure, it was a joke, but it is true about the fire and water. It turns out that there are sounds that people can listen to and enjoy for a long time. This does not mean music, it is about simple sounds, however, they are pleasing to almost all people without exception. Psychologists have made a top-4 most enjoyable sounds:

Birds singing. The melodic sounds that made by various birds, have a very beneficial effect on human health and they don't only cause a sensation or feeling of satisfaction. Scientists have even recommended listening to a recording of birds singing to quickly relieve fatigue and depression.

The murmur of water. Another set of sounds that a person perceives very positively. Overall, it is not just the babbling stream of water, but also the sound that the waves make, raindrops, the sound of a waterfall. And if at the same time you will also looking at a stream, or waterfall, you will get a complete satisfaction, that's for sure.

The snow crunching. It turns out that people also like the sound that you make when you step on snow, at least the majority. Psychologists believe crunching snow allows a person to feel good, makes you want to relax. Well, if you are rushing to a meeting, it is unlikely that you will be paying attention to crunching snow. But a walk through the frost, accompanied by the crunching snow can bring a lot of fun and pleasure.

Crackling fire. Perhaps, not all are adherents or supporters of camping in a forest. But the sound that the wood makes while burning, is just magnificent, almost everybody likes it . It is the same case with water, satisfaction will increase if you watch the fire. It is not necessarily to be outside - because you can get the sounds from a fireplace. Of course, if you have a private house.

In general, the list can be continued, but these are the four types of sounds - that everybody likes. I would like to know what other sounds you like. Just share them in the comments.

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